17 Nov 2010

Location photographs

With our location planning we have decided to stay local, travelling the maximum of roughly five miles. Below are some pictures of ideas for location shots

Beside China Town, Newcastle Upon Tyne, city center, i choose this location to help us with the memory shots, as it is quite open, giving both Joss and Steph space to move, although they've chose to be close together and nothing can separate them.

Behind the gate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, city center, we chose this location as the emotional shooting area, as it is enclosed, making her feel lost and out of control.

The Gate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, city center, we chose Empire Cinema inside of The Gate as a good memory shot location, this could show that they've visited the cinema to see a romantic film and they've came out happy and loving, we were given permission to film in this location as it is an indoor public place.

Central Arcade, Newcastle Upon Tyne, city center, we thought this area would be a good place to do the 'chase' sequence but on the day of filming, we realised on the Canon HD HG22 the area was too dark and did not work to the effect we would of liked.

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