26 Feb 2011

Cover research

To create a realistic product the first step to take would to be to research and analyse other products from the same genre I'm targeting towards. This is to look at the conventions they use. The research that I am about to conduct is vital because it will give me examples on what to do and what not to do. The album cover creates a visual image to the theme of the music so its its vital that it has a good reaction from my audience to then draw them in to listen to the CD. Looking at the Cheryl Cole album cover I can see that by the colours that have been used in combination with her body language, clothing and editing its about a love story. She seems very relaxed she looks glamorous but weak due to the way she is sitting. Her clothing isn't revealing which means at this moment of time she isn't to confident with her self either. The fact that it has been blurred shows movement of some sort. This could reflect her moving on from a break up in a relationship. What also makes me think this is the title of the album which is 'messy little raindrops'. Rain doesn't have the best atmosphere and in a way it has the connotations of sadness. The colours that have been used within this album cover don't seem that lively. Most of the colours are quite dark which could also represent the mood. Taking what i have said into consideration i would say that this is a successful album art and with the combination of methods used above its gets its point across. The conventions used in this is that for the text it has hand writing. This could mean that the album could be personal like a letter of some sort. Having Cheryl taking up most of the album cover we automatically assume its about her.

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