25 Nov 2009

macy jones interview.

This is my interview with Macy Jones for my article. This is linked to my front cover, the article is about the artists year out and about her fathers death. This will be my article.

After years of listening to Macy Jones’ music she has four number one albums and seven number one songs, we have been startled by her musical talent and it came as a huge shock when she announced she was having a break from the music business. We questioned whether she would return.
She has proven us wrong and is back bigger than ever, with an album under her arm to show her appreciation to her father.
Is there a new man in her life? Is she planning on settling down? How is she coping?
Macy Jones has brought tears to our eyes and butterflies to our stomachs with this warming yet upsetting interview. She sets the story straight about her binge drinking and apparent drug abuse. Why she really went into rehab.When we caught up with Macy Jones she told us about her fathers passing, her new album and what she has been doing for her year out of the business.

Your back! How do you feel?
I feel so refreshed I think it is just what I needed, I love music but it was taking over my life, a year out was marvellous!

But haven’t you been working on your album? So technically you were still working on music?
Yes, true, but I wasn’t in the limelight, you know, not at ceremonies, I was able to just sit in a room and write songs with my band creating the backing tracks.

Are you proud of your new album? Do you think it will make number one?
Not so much proud, well to be perfectly honest, if it made number one it be so happy, because I wrote all the songs to show appreciation for my father. [Catches breathe]

I’m sorry for your loss, how are you coping?
I’m good, just looking after the family, I cry now and then because he was my inspiration I wouldn’t be here today in the music business if he didn’t reassure me to do it. I’m keeping it together for the family.

It must be hard with all of the criticism lately too?
When my father died, I turned to drink, I didn’t become dependant on alcohol, but I got scared so I checked myself into rehab, it was a tough time, but I’m coping.

So you struggled but your ok now?
Yeah I feel better than ever my family have been so supportive, and I’ve found a new man. [Laughs] he is so gorgeous! [Giggles] don’t you think? Don’t answer that! He’s all mine.

So love is in the air?
Well it’s too early to say I love him but it’s too late to say I like him! He’s great to be around and he constantly makes me laugh. He does loads of sweet things like making the food to sending flowers to the studio. He is so adorable!

So he’s the chef?
Definately! He makes the best Spaghetti Bolognaise. [Laughs] he should open a restaurant.

Are you going to settle down with him?
It’s too early to say! Don’t ask serious questions! I’m here to have fun, I do love children though! I always play games with my neicesthey love hide and seek!

As you know X-Factor is a major subject in the headlines right now, how do you feel about that?
I think its great, it’s a easy way to make the public face reality, and shows people how much talent Britain actually has, I mean, I don’t sit and watch it 24/7, I’m not addicted but I think it’s a great way to start for a music career. It’s so publicised on Twitter. It is their realities, if you don’t like what’s happening, don’t watch it.

Who do you want to win?
That’s hard to say, I really like Stacey [Soloman] her personality is amazing and so funny, but at the same time Olly [Murs] is such a star, he can sing anything! Now that is real talent. [Pauses] I definitely think Simon Cowell will win this year though.

I’ve heard you’ve been sticking by Cheryl this year, what’s the story about that?
She feels like she can’t cope anymore, she doesn’t deal with Simon’s comments, it really gets to her, and she has so much on at the moment, Ashley’s court case, her new album and the show. She knows she’s doing all she can with the boys but Simon still says she’s not doing enough to make them shine. Dannii is also there for her, as she was there for Dannii last year. She’s just so under pressure, she knows I’m here for her if she wants to talk, she can talk. I won’t push her into anything. Make them shine. Dannii is also there for her, as she was there for Dannii last year. She’s just so under pressure, she knows I’m here for her if she wants to talk, she can talk. I won’t push her into anything.

As long as she has someone, tell us about your album!
Its out next month, most of the songs are for my father, as you know he passed away, and I just wanted to show people how much he meant to me. He was always there; I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him encouraging me to just try, I’m thankful for that so the least I could do was write him an album, I just wish he was here to hear it. I’m sure he’s here somewhere. I can just feel him watching over me. Its so reassuring.


Lizzie said...

This article is so touching, its very inspirational and gives me the strength to keep trying.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article, a great read!