11 Nov 2009


This issue of NME is very similar to the first version, although this one appears simpler to the eye. On this magazine cover, the title ‘NME’ is placed behind the head of the model on the front cover, this is a common convention of a well known magazine. The model on the front cover is a very attractive well know singer, she is also looking out to the audience inviting them to read the magazine. She almost has a playful look about her, making the readers more interested. This issue also has banners, one across the top and one along the bottom. This is also common on magazine covers. This issue has four colours of font, and four fonts, this is common for a magazine. This makes the magazine look simple and effective. I will take this into consideration. The barcode is not very big; it is placed in the bottom left hand corner of the magazine, thus keeping the article look professional as you don’t want the attention draw to the barcode.

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