11 Nov 2009

Final Contents page

This is my final version of my contents page. I have reduced the size of font from 24 to size 12. For my editor’s piece I have been inspired by professional magazines such as ‘Mojo’ and decided to put a photograph of the editor beside the editor’s piece. At the end of the text I have used a script font, Brush Script MT to give a signature effect on the editor’s piece. I have used three images on the contents page with page numbers on them, this linking the pictures to the articles inside the magazine; I have used a different picture of the attractive model from the front of the magazine. On this picture she is also looking out to the audience inviting them to read the article she features in. I have also used two pictures from the front cover which reminds the audience of the articles inside. I decided to use a different font for the page hooks and page numbers. This font, Felix Titling, is easier to read and sticks to common conventions of professional magazines as they only use two to four fonts. For the page numbers I have added a drop shadow to make the page numbers stand out. I used sub-headings to divide the articles inside I used ‘On the cover’ to link the front cover to the contents page, also to make is easier for the audience to find what page an article is on that they may have been interested in on the front cover. I used another sub-heading, ‘Also featured inside’ to show the audience that there are more articles than just the hooks on the front cover. The colour scheme on my final contents page, also ties in with the colours of the school and are a common convention of a professional magazine as they only use two to four colours.

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