11 Nov 2009

Front cover of Heworth Grange Magazine

This is my final draft of my Heworth Grange Magazine Cover. For my colour scheme I used three colours, dark blue, black and white, I used these colours as they represent the school colours and also blend in with what the model is wearing. I only used one font type, Cooper, and a font size of 18 but to make the font look interesting and stand out I put a stroke of size 4 around the text. I also put a drop shadow on the text so it did not look flat. I only used one colour for the hooks, black, and a dark blue for the magazine title, this also keeping within the colour scheme. I put a logo from the school beside the title of my magazine to show that the magazine is representing Heworth Grange Comprehensive School. For three of the tags I have used pictures beside them, I done this to make my cover look eye catching and also to let the audience know what to expect whilst reading the magazine. This is a common convention of professional magazines. For my model on the front cover, I used a sexually attractive model looking out to the audience, inviting them to read the magazine. The photograph has been taken at a medium shot and the model is posing as if she is about to dance, or just finished a dance, this blending in with two of the hooks on the front cover. The model is a female and centrally placed, this is a common convention of a magazine cover. I have no barcode and no price as I intend to make this magazine free; I intend to place them around the school area for pupils and teachers to have the chance to read the magazine, if it becomes a success I would think about adding a price to this product. I also have no slogan on this magazine cover but I did mention that it is ‘Issue 12’ this reminding pupils and teachers which month it was released, for example issue one would be for January, issue two would be for February.

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